His Eyes by Renee Carter

This was a quick, refreshing heartwarming read.

Carter makes Amy a very sweet, slightly better than average teen. Most girls would turn down this sort of job, not wanting to have to deal with the extra responsibility. But Amy sticks with it and soon discovers that what started out as a way to earn money for college tuition is turning into hanging out with a friend, and possibly turning into something more.

Tristan is having a hard time dealing with losing his eyesight after an accident during a showjumping competition. He doesn’t like having to depend on others for things and it’s hard for him to accept help. He is shocked when Amy shows up the second day, after he ignores her the first.

Their relationship starts out awkward and slightly uncomfortable, but quickly changes into one of trust and understanding.

It’s a sweet book, and a great one if you have a day to just devote to a nice story.

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