Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

I couldn’t stop reading this book. There was too much emotion for me to set this book down, even though I wanted to several times, and then start back up again. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle coming in and out of the world Summers had created around Regina and her fall from the top.

Regina used to be the second in command at the school She was one of the popular girls that hardly gave a care about the lives they hurt, as long as they remained untouched. So when Regina suddenly becomes one of the victims, it turns her world upside down.

The only person willing to giver her a chance is someone who’s life she hurt a couple years ago. It’s hard to know what Michael’s intentions are in giving Regina a sliver of kindness. Everyone else is using trickery and whatever means they can to make life for Regina as miserable as they can.

It’s a touch story about what high school can be like, and the lives of the victims of bullying. Summers once again gets the hard emotions across and makes the story a real one, not giving her characters sudden, unbelievable epiphanies where the main character suddenly makes everything right and everything is forgiven. It’s a real story, and that is why I will keep reading books Summers writes.

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