The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

This was a heartbreaking story about coming to terms with tragedy and how people cope with the death of a loved one.

You can really feel Lennie’s confusion, and that is only complicated by the two boys that seemingly enter her life just then.

Toby is one of the only people that know what she is going through, as he was Bailey’s (her sister) boyfriend. He knows what Lennie has lost, and they can find comfort in one another. There’s something about sharing their grief that draws them to each other, even if others might not understand that relationship.

And then there’s Joe. He comes into her life at just about the same time and adds even more confusion to her life. He just throws himself into her world, sometimes uninvited. He makes her think and start living outside the shadow of her sister. He sees her as her own person, unrelated to being Bailey’s sister.

She makes mistakes that hurt people, including herself as the book goes on, but in the end, she comes into her own as Lennie. She realizes that it’s okay to keep living and being content and happy, even if those around you can’t. It’s okay to move on and live, even when other people can’t.

It was real and touching, and deserving to be read.

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