Damage Control by Denise Hamilton

This was a very enjoyable book, and pretty impressive for a first book from Hamilton. I really found myself interested in the murders and the cases surrounding them, as well as within the PR firm. She was able to create a very interesting and deep story, that not only works around solving a murder, but looks at the loyalties people face between when is right and wrong, between friends and self, and between loyalty to family over what is right and wrong. The many dynamics in the story make for a very in depth read.

The one thing I didn’t really feel fit into the story was the romance side of the story. Parts of it felt forced, as though they were only in there so readers of romance would be drawn into the story. When I finished the book, I could understand why things happened as they did, however, I still feel like parts of the “romance” just don’t fit. It took me out of the story for a little while, and I had to push that aside in order to get back into the story.

Overall, this was a great first book, and an amazing suspense story.