Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

This book. What can I say about this book?

The writing itself was not horrible. McGuire can write well when it comes to the basics of putting words together to form a sentence. However, that doesn’t do much when every other component of the story fails.

Abby, while trying to be a strong female character, isn’t. She goes back to the same guy over and over even after he has displayed horrible, despicable behavior. And America, her supposed best friend, mostly just stands by and lets this happen. She even encourages it at times. In my eyes, that’s not a friend. A friend would have told her to run as far away as she could, as fast as she could.

And Travis. I don’t understand why this extreme, nearly psychotic behavior is viewed as sexy and desirable. He was a control freak with anger issues that clearly got the better of him constantly. It’s not healthy and it was definitely not sexy.

As for the story, it was filled with so much cheese, I could barely stand it. A book can only have so many twists and turns before it just stares to become dull and almost predictable in how unpredictable McGuire tried to make it. It seems like she threw anything she could think of at these characters just to give them problems. It wasn’t enjoyable and I rolled my eyes more times than I can remember while reading.

I will not be telling any of my friends to read this book. I’ll be telling people to avoid it whenever I’m asked for my opinion.

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