The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Jay Asher absolutely moved me when I read “Thirteen Reasons Why” and if I’m remembering correctly, I didn’t get out of bed for a couple days after so I could recoup from that experience. So when I saw his name attached to this book, I knew I had to give it a read.

It’s certainly not as deep as 13 Reasons, but it still has an important message to convey. I felt that in making Emma the vain, worrisome character they did, Asher and Mackler got the point across. Don’t worry so much about the future that you forget to enjoy today. I spent much of the novel being annoyed with Emma. She was way too worried about not getting her perfect future when Josh gets his. It was a competition with her and it was difficult for me to like her much. But by the end of the novel, I understood why she was like that and I don’t think the novel would have been as good had she been the perfect person.

And Josh! I loved him. He was sweet and nice and wonderful. He was curious about the future, but he didn’t want to make huge changes to it when it was uncertain what those changes would be. He realized that they might be able to change the future, but once changed, they can’t undo it. He <i>got</i> it and I loved that. He was happy in his present and happy in his future and that was enough for him.

I do wish some of the plotlines had been tied up a little better, but I can understand that the book had reached its end and those little plots weren’t as necessary to the overall story.

This was a great book and I devoured it. I’ll definitely be recommending it to my friends, not only for the great story, but the nice little trip down 90’s memory lane.

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