Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

WARNING: This review contains slightly spoilery statements. Read at your own discretion.

I’m having a lot of feelings right now. A lot of feelings.

The end of Delirium left me emotionally drained and upset. I wasn’t sure if Oliver would be able to write Pandemonium in a way that would make me feel any better. But holy cow. Pandemonium was amazing.

The story jumps between “Then” and “Now.” “Then” being the time right after Lena escapes over the fence and “Now” is the story of Lena and a small group of Invalids and their attempt to rejoin the Cured in order to start a revolution.

“Then” broke my heart. You see Lena try to come to terms with Alex being gone and how she has to keep going anyway in order to live the life she and Alex were hoping to get to.

“Now” left me on the edge of my seat. I could not read fast enough. I’m pretty much over the idea of love triangles in books, but this one I’m in love with. The Lena in the first book fell in love for the first time. It was teen love and while Alex is still high on my list of book guys I love, Julian is what the new Lena needed. She grows up and while first love always sticks with you, there are usually other loves. Even now, I’m not sure who I like more.

Lena grew up in this book and became a character that was strong and willing to work for what she wants. She becomes her own person, with her own ideas of what life really should be like and she is willing to go against the grain for what she thinks. I love this new Lena.

Delirium left me drained and upset. Pandemonium has left me craving. I need the end of this amazing story and Requiem can’t come soon enough.

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