Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

This book is hardly unique. There’s been several post-apocalyptic, dystopian novel published recently. There’s a love story in nearly every Young Adult book. There have been a lot of “difference people can’t be together” stories out there. And yet, I am absolutely in love with this book and the way Rossi told this story.

The world isn’t completely described. Rossi gives enough information to start painting the picture, but information out and places open. There’s several things mentioned, but never really explained. It never gets in the way of the story, though, and it feels like she did this with a major purpose. She wasn’t avoiding filling in all the facts because she wants people to be buying the books to get the answers, but it feels like she was avoiding some things because they weren’t necessary to understand the plot. She didn’t want to dump a ton of information in the middle of the adventure and I’m so grateful she left little things out there. It only makes me more and more interested.

The characters are another amazing piece in this novel. They don’t immediately fall in love, like a lot of Young Adult romances do. There was a gradual build up to the first kiss and it felt right. The characters were in the right place for each other. They had grown separately before beginning things. It’s probably one of the best love stories I’ve read in recent memory.

Tied together with the romance is that of the action part of the book. Under the Never Sky is more about the journey these characters are taking, with a dash of love thrown in. It’s about two people wanting to find answers and find the people they love and through that, they begin to love each other. It’s about more than these two people falling in love and I really, really liked that. It made the book even more enjoyable and I really couldn’t put it down.

Under the Never Sky is an amazing start to a new trilogy. It’s fast-paced, yet never feels rushed. There’s an adventure and a love story. There’s major plot twists and several hold your breath moments. It’s everything I want a book to be and I’m so happy I read it.

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