Until I Die by Amy Plum

I’ve spent the past several minutes, sitting in stunned silence, with my mouth gaping, and strange inhuman sounds occasionally coming out of me. That is what Plum has reduced me to.

Until I Die has managed to be a tie-together for the first and second books, while still being its own, amazing story. It not only avoided the “second book sinkhole” that plagues some trilogies, but it built a wonderful, fantastic, gold encrusted, jeweled bridge over it.

Everything that I loved in Die For Me was here in Until I Die, and somehow Plum added elements I didn’t even know I wanted. There’s romance, supernatural and regular human problems, Paris, action…it’s all in there and Plum has found the magical formula to make it great.

There’s no shortage of romance between Kate and Vincent, although the tone has changed just slightly. They’re no longer trying to figure each other and their situation out; they’ve come to a workable solution that works for everyone and I really loved that. There’s just a little something different about their relationship that I love. Vincent is still there to sweep everyone away with his words and actions, but there’s more between them than just that.

The story builds on the action of Die For Me and adds even more layers to the already complex plot. It makes for an extremely interesting novel that never feels slow or like Plum was simply writing this book to get to the action of the third book. It seamlessly ties in the story of the first book with the setup for the third, and leaves such a cliffhanger that I’m more anxious and excited for the next book than most normal humans should be.

Until I Die was a fantastic, amazing book that has me hanging on the edge of my seat for the next book and in love with Amy Plum and her words. It’s definitely a must read for anyone that wants a book with love and action with a supernatural twist.

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