Rape Girl by Alina Klein

This is not a happy book. It’s not tied up in pretty ribbons by the end. It’s hard to read and at times, you might have to stop for a moment and catch your breath. It may not be pretty, happy, or easy to read, but it is a powerful, powerful book.

Klein does not need to be overly descriptive or graphic in order to get her message across. Her writing style is simple, yet moving. She doesn’t go into the details of the characters’ lives before. It’s not important what kind of people they appeared to be before. What is important is the after, and Klein does an amazing job of getting that across.

Valerie, despite being the victim, has more to prove than anyone else in this book. In a society where people are innocent until proven guilty, she has the uphill climb of having to prove that she said no. She also has to face the fact that people don’t believe her, that her voice isn’t viewed as equal when compared to the voice of her rapist. It makes the book difficult to read and there were many moments when I needed to stop reading to gain control over my own emotions.

Rape Girl is a highly disturbing book about how reporting a rape can derail one girl’s life more than she thought possible. It deals not only with the rape, but with the emotional aftermath when people are quick to doubt the truth. This is a book that doesn’t fit within any constraints. Teens, girl and boy alike, as well as adults need to read this book. It makes you think and sticks with you long after you turn that last page.

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