Circle of Silence by Carol M. Tanzman

I was pretty meh about dancergirl. I was a little worried going into Circle of Silence that it would feel a little contrived and like I was being played for the sake of suspense. Fortunately, Circle of Silence was able to draw me in and had me guessing through the entire novel.

I think what I liked best about Circle of Silence was the slow build up of suspense, both through the eyes of Valerie and the point of view of the MP leader. As Val begins to work on the MP mysteries, the increasingly deranged view of the MP leader makes everything feel a little tenser. Val doesn’t know just how crazy he is beginning to get, and yet we know as readers. It helped amp up the tense atmosphere in a way that made absolute sense.

I liked Val and felt like I connected with her better than I did Alicia in dancergirl. I was also a huge fan of Jagger. There was just enough of their story in the background to make the novel feel like it had a little extra something without being overwhelmed by it. It’s sweet and just enough romance to bring a smile to my face.

Circle of Silence is a wonderful companion piece to dancergirl, or to read as a standalone novel. It’s well written and has wonderful characters. The suspense is amazing and will keep people guessing right up to the end.

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