The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt

I’ve read two of Lauren Barnholdt’s books and the thing I really liked about them was the characters seem so real. They’re teens who act a little melodramatic, feel emotions just a little too much, and don’t usually stop to think about how things will affect the future. Barnholdt writes real teens in her fictional books.

The Thing about the Truth is no different. Kelsey and Isaac are no different from her other characters in that they are perfectly written teens. They jump to conclusions and act impulsively, but they’re still sweet and wonderful.

I’m quite a bit like Kelsey; I’m usually deep into a novel wherever I go. She’s a little shy, thinks a lot about her future at college, and just wants to find a couple friends to fit with. She thinks with her heart before her head and it gets her into trouble.

Isaac is a nice guy who doesn’t always think and that’s what gets him into trouble. He’s supposed to be this perfect senator’s son, and under the pressure of looking good, he buckles and does imperfect things, getting him kicked out of private school and sent to public. Isaac may not always meet his father’s standards, but he’s not a bad guy. He’s sweet and attentive and it’s easy to see how much he cares for Kelsey.

I had a feeling this book would end the way it did, and I also had a feeling about what the huge incident was that got between them, but I still really enjoyed reading about the before and after. The Thing About the Truth is a speedy, but wonderful summer read that will leave you smiling, happy, and looking for that sweet romance.

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