Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

This isn’t an action-packed, paranormal, good guy-bad guy book. It doesn’t have good sides and bad sides or huge battles, but it still reaches in and touches your heart with all the emotions you feel.

Wren fell in love with Danny and Danny fell in love with her. He was taken too soon, and Wren wasn’t able to handle losing another person in her life. She had lost her father, her grandmother, her aunt, her mother was closed off…she wasn’t able to let go of anymore.

Cold Kiss deals with the consequences Wren faces after bringing Danny back from the dead. He’s not a whole person; he’s not what Wren remembers. Even in bringing his body back to life, she still wasn’t able to bring back what she had lost. It’s heartbreaking to see her deal with losing him, even though he’s still right in front of her.

Gabriel is a little too perfectly placed for me to completely love this book, but I still enjoyed his character. His abilities seem just a little too convenient, and his arrival too perfect, but he’s still a good guy. He just wants to help Wren with Danny, but realizes there are some things he just can’t do. I liked how he gave her just enough space, but was always there when she needed him.

Cold Kiss is a touching book about love and letting go. It’s about finding the power to continue even when you feel like you can’t. It’s a wonderful book and I’ll definitely be reading Glass Heart.

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