Glass Heart by Amy Garvey

I love the way Garvey can intertwine a paranormal story with a romance. Neither side feels overdone or left out. Each side balance out perfectly, and in the end, Glass Heart leaves your soul feeling happy and content.

After the heart wrenching story of Cold Kiss, it was nice to see Wren happy and in love once again. It’s a different type of love, though. Not only because you can only have one first love, but because Wren isn’t the same person with Gabriel as she was with Danny. She’s also exploring the paranormal side to her a little more. It’s this testing of her powers that leads to Gabriel revealing he’s not entirely comfortable with that, and that hurts Wren. She feels a little rejected and instead of continuing to explore her powers in the safe way she knows, she starts to get a little more reckless.

While I feel like both the romantic and paranormal sides of this book are explored well, I wish there had been a little bit more on Bay and Fiona, the people Wren starts to hang out with after feeling put off my Gabriel, and their involvement in the novel. It was the only thing holding my back from thinking this book was completely perfect.

Amy Garvey wrote yet another wonderfully sweet, romantic paranormal story that had me falling in love with her words all over again. There’s something special in the way Garvey tells her story. There’s a lot of heart without it weighing the book down. It’s emotional, but in a fantastic way. Garvey is definitely a Young Adult author to keep your eye on.