Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Confession time. I’ve already shared the only reason I picked up Hush, Hush to read was because Fitzpatrick is a Colorado author. I didn’t say I expected to be sorely disappointed and frustrated. I’ve never been happier to have a book shove my expectations in my face. Finale is a great conclusion to a series I didn’t expect to enjoy this much.

There were a few things I found myself shaking my head at because they seemed to be just a little too perfect or coincidental. I won’t go into specifics because I don’t like spoiling books, but they were there. Patch was just as intense and swoon-worthy as ever.

Nora started out a little questionable on personal strength, but once she started to own her fate and take control of the choices being made she improved greatly in my opinion. She does gain strength through sketchy methods at times, but she is able to realize this and own up to her mistakes. In my opinion, being able to admit your faults goes a long way in overcoming them.

The ending shocked me. I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened when it came to the final face-off. Fitzpatrick hit me right where it hurts, and I both love and hate her for it.

After starting this series for a weird reason and with low expectations, I can definitely say I’m incredibly happy I got sucked into the world of Nora and Patch. Fitzpatrick created a series that had me invested. I wish there could be more to read from Nora and Patch, but the way Fitzpatrick ended it is sweet and perfect.