Review: Ten Tiny Breaths by K. A. Tucker

Title: Ten Tiny Breaths
Author: K. A. Tucker
Series: Ten Tiny Breaths series
Pages: 304 paperback, 262 ebook
Rating: ★★★★

I had this book figured out before I even started it. I knew what the twist would be; I knew how it would end. It was the little pieces; the little bits that I couldn’t quite figure out, that made me enjoy this novel.

Kacey’s life hasn’t been the same since she lost her parents, best friend, and boyfriend in a crash caused by a drunk driver. She still has her sister to live for, but to Kacey, her life feels shattered so much she doesn’t think it can ever be put together again. She runs off to Miami with her sister to start fresh. It’s a place no one knows them and no one knows her story.

Their next door neighbor is Trent. He’s practically perfect, except he’s not. He and Kacey begin a relationship and he manages to break down the defense walls Kacey has built up. He’s completely swoon-worthy and says the right things at the right times.

My favorite character, though, was Storm. She and her daughter are the real reason Kacey begins to change. They are the first to break down a piece of her wall and from there on pieces continually fall. She’s a contradiction, but one of the best characters I’ve read. This novel wouldn’t be the same without her.

I can’t really say what I wish was different about the novel without giving a major spoiler, but it did take me a little bit out of the novel. Things were forgiven just a little too easily and I wish there had been more time devoted to working through that problem.

Ten Tiny Breaths is about learning from tragedy and finding a way to move on with life. It’s about forgiveness and living for yourself. Second chances and love; it’s all important. Ten tiny breaths is a way to slow the world down and give you the perspective you need to tackle life’s problems, and Ten Tiny Breaths is just that. There are tough times, but it’s like taking those ten tiny breaths and finding yourself thinking clearer and feeling better.

If Ten Tiny Breaths sounds like your kind of book, you can purchase it here:
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Thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.

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