Review: Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Title: Scarlet
Author: A. C. Gaughen
Series: Scarlet series
Pages: 292 pages hardcover/ebook, 304 paperback/Kindle
Rating: ★★★★★

Everyone knows the basic story of Robin Hood. He and his band of Merry Men steal from the rich and give to the poor. There are so many versions of that basic story that adding yet another tale to the mix seems a bit too much. Don’t let that stop you from reading Scarlet however, because this is one of the best twists on the story I’ve ever read.

Scarlet is a girl hiding in Robin’s band. She doesn’t want it known that she’s a girl and she doesn’t want those that do know to treat her any differently. She’s hiding her true identity from everyone, even Robin and John, who think they know her best. When her past catches up to her and starts putting people at risk, she must decide how far she will let the violence go before she steps up and puts an end to it.

There is a bit of a love triangle, but it isn’t overdone. John is the flirt of the group, but when he starts to feel more for Scarlet, he starts to change his ways. Robin tries to stay away, knowing any feelings could put the group in jeopardy. Both boys give Scarlet feelings she isn’t sure how to handle, or if she even deserves the attention. By the end of the novel, it is clear where the romance is going to go, even if Scarlet has only just figured out her own feelings.

I loved reading about the fighting. Gaughen can write fight scenes amazingly well. I followed the action and could picture every move in my head. I could see Scarlet throwing her knife and jumping around. Each time she was faced with something, she found a way to fight through it. She knows sometimes it’s better to run than to stand and fight, even when all you want to do is make a stand.

Scarlet is a fast-paced novel that pulls you in right away and makes you feel for the characters. It’s a fantastic twist on the Robin Hood tale and I’m glad there will be more to come. I can’t wait to see where Scarlet, Robin, John and the rest of the boys go next and who they will face.

If Scarlet sounds like your kind of book, you can purchase it here:
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