Review: Crush by Nicole Williams

Title: Crush
Author: Nicole Williams
Series: Crash series
Rating: ★★

Crush is definitely a more adult book than the previous two and my review reflects that. For that reason, I have not included my review on the front page. Please click below to read my review.

There is one reason why this book gets a lower rating than the previous two novels. It was just as enjoyable, if I take some parts of it out. Lucy discovers things about herself that move the story forward and even though I could see the twist coming, I didn’t mind.

When I read a book, I like when the story moves forward, whether that is in plot development or character development. Anything that moves the story along is necessary. Normally, I can forgive sections that are clearly just filler. The main exception to this is gratuitous sex. Unless I am reading a trashy romance novel, I don’t need to read the characters having sex unless there is a real point to it. Crush had several scenes where I felt as though we didn’t need to know what was going on with Jude and Lucy. They didn’t give the story anything. That is why I rated this book down.

As for the rest of the story, I enjoyed it. Jude is given the world on a gold platter and Lucy is worried about what that will do to them. She’s seen what money can do to people and what a lack of money can do and she doesn’t want Jude or herself to change. In her desire to not change how she views the world because of the gift she was handed, she works too hard to be the opposite and loses sight of what she wants for the relationship.

I give every book I read a fair chance, and Crush was no different. Overlooking the problem I had with some parts of it, the novel was another good vacation read. It showed how Jude and Lucy grew as people and faced life’s challenges in order to become a stronger couple. If the gratuitous sex won’t bother you, this is a good read.

If Crush sounds like your kind of book, you can purchase it here:
Barnes and Noble

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