Posting Update

Some of you may have noticed the blog has gone back to posting just reviews. I promise, that is not my intention. I liked writing Can’t Wait For Mondays and Book Talks. However, I’ve been fighting back against some health issues and I haven’t been able to create posts like I would like. I haven’t even been able to read many books. Most of the posts were set up over a month ago.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to reading and posting as much as I was a couple months ago. I enjoyed hearing your opinions and I hope you enjoy reading the reviews.

Until then, I’ll be working on getting back to a healthy point, reading when I can, and writing reviews when time allows.


One thought on “Posting Update

  1. […] I mentioned in this post, I’ve been facing some health issues that had really cut into my reading a posting time. […]

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