Wow. It’s been awhile since anything has been posted here. I haven’t forgotten about it, nor have I decided to stop reading and reviewing.

To be honest, I’ve been battling MRSA, a very bad lung infection, for the last year. I’ve talked a little bit about it before, but it keeps popping up in life. And when it does, I don’t have the energy for anything, including reading. 

It started giving me problems again in April, and I went back on IV medication. I had enough reviews saved that I wasn’t worried about not having something to post. But then two weeks became four, and four weeks became six. And then I was finally off IV antibiotics, but they had made me feel run down. I wasn’t fighting the infection anymore, but I still wasn’t back to normal.

I went through June and only read a couple books. That’s extremely strange for me. And now I’m back on IV medication, this time for a different infection. But I’m feeling better than I was before, and that’s good.

I will get back to posting reviews. I’m getting back to reading and it feels great. I’m planning on doing some work on the blog in July, and getting reviews back up in August. I’ve missed this part of my life and I’m glad to be getting back to it. 

Happy reading, everyone!

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