Green Heart by Alice Hoffman

Green Heart is two books in one. The first book is Green Angel, the second is Green Witch. I thought about trying to write this review without separating the two, but that wasn’t working. They are two very different stories wrapped up in one another and it’s lovely.

The first, Green Angel is about Green’s journey through loss and grief and finding herself again. She loses her entire family in a horrible, devastating way. She crumbles and has to put herself together again. She feels guilty, regretful and, of course, extremely sad and upset. She has to rebuild her life without those she loved most, but she ends up finding comfort in new people. The neighbor she and her sister stole apples from, the girl from her school that was never really her friend, the boy survivor that stumbles into her life and holds her heart.

It’s a short story, but incredibly moving and hopeful. The way the story is written leaves much to the imagination, and yet you aren’t left trying to figure things out. It’s all laid out, waiting for you to read and put together. It’s dark and yet there’s light that keeps shining through with every page. I absolutely loved it.

Green Witch is the continuation of Green Angel and is more about Green finding herself again and finding the reason people fall in love. She’s looking for something as she visits the houses of neighbors the village people consider “witches;” those that can look past the ugly and have something to give the world. They help Green as she searches for the boy she fell in love with and the girl that became her friend. With the help of these women, she’s able to find out that she’s stronger than she thought; she has a special power from within herself that people wish they could have. They turn to her for help and to help them find hope again.

Green Witch is another story of a journey, but this one is about finding your strength and who you are. It’s about love and what love is worth. Everyone has a different answer for how to measure love and it was beautiful to read how each woman viewed the love they had lost. It was both heartbreaking and empowering.

Green Heart is a simply breathtaking book that opens pieces of your soul and makes you feel. It’s a book that, while short, has an impact. The lyrical way it was written made it all the better. This is definitely a book people should read if they want something that will leave them feeling uplifted and refreshed.