Delirium By Lauren Oliver

After reading Oliver’s “Before I Fall,” I was anxiously awaiting reading this book, even though I knew it was the beginning of a series that would not be concluded for a few years. That is how much I love Oliver’s writing style.

Lena lives in a world where love is viewed as a disease, and doctors have found a way to “cure” people of the swoony, fluttery feeling people get when they fall in love. They remove that wonderful feeling people get when they fall in love and people are okay with this. Love is crazy and makes people go crazy.

Lena only has 95 more days before she will be cured, but of course, that is too much time. She starts to feel the love disease creeping up on her, and she can’t stop it. More to the point, she knows she should want to stop it, but she doesn’t. It’s the disease taking control of her.

The end of the book has my heart continually breaking every time I think of it, and Pandemonium cannot be release soon enough. I’ll be waiting at the front of the line to get my copy.

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