Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers

I couldn’t put this book down, and read it in a night. There was just too much for me to be involved in to close this book for longer than a couple minutes.

Eddie is grieving and hurt after her father commits suicide and all she wants to know is why he did. Why he was pushes so far he felt he had nothing else to do? Why her love for him wasn’t enough to keep him with her.

She meets Culler and in her desperate need for answers, she forms a relations with him that gave me warning bells, but she was too lost to notice. Culler plays his part perfectly, getting close to Eddie and giving her what she thinks she needs.

Eddie’s best friend Milo caused some problems for me. It was hard for me to feel much for him through most of the book, but by the end, I cracked and he found his way into my heart as well.

Some people may not like how this book ends, but I felt there was no other way Summers could have concluded this book and made it believable. She did an excellent job at getting the struggle across, and really makes you feel for the characters she writes.

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