Legend by Marie Lu

I’ve had this sitting in my kindle for a while now and I’m not really sure why I kept passing it over. But a couple days ago, I saw it sitting there and I just went for it. I’m incredibly glad I did. Legend was a fantastic novel that had the right mix of action, romance, and explanation of the dystopian future Lu created.

I was so happy to find that both main characters are strong people. They might depend on each other at times, but they can make their own way. They know their strengths and weaknesses and make each situation work as well as it can for them.

I loved June. She could have easily come off as a very cocky individual, but she downplayed her talent just enough to make her lovable. And Day could have easily gone down the same overly cocky path as June, but Lu wrote him with just a touch of that arrogance and it made him perfect. He knew he was good, but he didn’t let that take over. He kept himself in check.

Even the supporting characters are wonderful. I especially love Tess. She found herself in a bad situation and with a little help from Day, managed to make herself into something more than she ever would have been without him.

The love aspect of this story fits amazingly. There’s not too much, but there’s just enough to make you swoon. Any more romance and it wouldn’t have been believable. June and Day don’t have time to fall in love the normal way. They’re under so many pressures and stresses that the way it comes about makes perfect sense.

Legend was a fabulous, amazing read and I can’t wait to read the next part of June and Day’s story. Lu definitely has me hooked.

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