Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson

like-a-river-gloriousTitle: Like a River Glorious
Author: Rae Carson
Series: The Gold Seer Trilogy
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Published: September 27th, 2016
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

Quick Look:

I just love everything Carson writes. Add in the fact that this, aside from Leah’s power, has an entirely real outlook on history, and I’m in love. I loved how Leah and her small group of friends grew and started a community that is filled with good people and how that group contrasts with the other people she meets. This is definitely a must-read book and series for me. Continue reading

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

Walk on Earth a StrangerTitle: Walk on Earth a Stranger
Author: Rae Carson
Series: The Gold Seer Trilogy
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Published: September 22nd, 2015
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5) Continue reading

Review: The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

Title: The Bitter Kingdom
Author: Rae Carson
Series: Fire and Thorns

This is such a bittersweet review to write. One the one hand, the book was amazing. Everything I wanted, could have asked for, and more. But it’s the last of the series, and I almost didn’t want to read it, just so I could make the series last.

Elisa is on the run. Not only is she a fugitive in her own country, but her enemies have taken the man she loves to lure her to them. Her Godstone is more alive than ever and she knows she still has more to accomplish. She is driven and determined to not fail the man she loves, her country, her friends, and herself. Every choice she makes is important and the pressure she is under is immense.

Elisa is amazing in The Bitter Kingdom. She doesn’t let worry or fear cloud her judgment. She knows she faces many problems, but instead of losing control, she decides what to do and when. She uses her voice powerfully and doesn’t back down when she knows she’s right. There is so much she accomplishes in this novel.

There is also a glimpse into Hector’s mind in The Bitter Kingdom. They don’t take up a large section of the novel, but they are enough. They show the respect and admiration he has for Elisa as well as the love he has for her. They carry so much weight in so few pages, but they give you such a good, warm feeling. As for the romance between Elisa and Hector, Carson isn’t building it up as much in this novel, but instead focuses on showing how Hector and Elisa are equals, and how their love built on friendship, trust, and admiration is a guiding force for each of them.

The storyline just about did me in. I couldn’t stop reading, deciding sleep wasn’t necessary and that caffeine loading the next day would be completely worth it. I just had to know what was going to happen next. There was no easy spot to stop and say “here is good, I’ll pick it up here tomorrow.” I even had trouble stopping to make myself lunch and dinner. The action and fighting was intense, and even the times when there wasn’t fighting, I still couldn’t put the book down.

The Bitter Kingdom is one of the best series ending novels I’ve read. It has a little bi of everything and is incredibly well written. I’m extremely sad to see this series end, but it ended perfectly. I cannot wait to see what Carson comes up with next.

If The Bitter Kingdom sounds like your kind of novel, you can purchase it here:
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Can’t Wait For Monday – The Bitter Kingdom

Ask anyone and they will tell you I am not a patient person. During the Olympics, I look up the results as soon as I can so I know how events will end. Before I got a Kindle, I’d read the last few pages of a book so I could see how it ended. I just hate waiting.

I’ve been waiting for Rae Carson’s The Bitter Kingdom for what seems like forever. I know that it’s been less than a year, but the book devouring part of my brain doesn’t believe it. It feels that anything longer than a day is eternity. Logic doesn’t work well with my book loving side.

From the Back Cover:

The champion must not waver.
The champion must not fear.
The gate of darkness closes.

Elisa is a fugitive.

Her enemies have stolen the man she loves, and they await her at the gate of darkness. Her country is on the brink of civil war, with her own soldiers ordered to kill her on sight.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Lucero-Elisa née Riqueza de Vega, bearer of the Godstone, will lead her three loyal companions deep into the enemy’s kingdom, a land of ice and snow and brutal magic, to rescue Hector and win back her throne. Her power grows with every step, and the shocking secrets she will uncover on this, her final journey, could change the course of history.

But that is not all. She has a larger destiny. She must become the champion the world has been waiting for.

Even of those who hate her most.

I mean, really, how am I supposed to wait patiently for a book like that? Elisa is one of the strongest heroines I’ve read, taking charge of her role in the world and making her own destiny. As if that wasn’t enough, Carson has written one of the most amazing love stories as well.

Ever since I read the last lines of The Crown of Embers, I have been counting down. And now the release date is getting closer. In fact, it’s less than two months away. 50 days.

I’ve got this book pre-ordered already. I know I won’t be getting much sleep the night of August 27th, because who needs sleep when you have a book to read? There’s always coffee.

The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

Some books are so good that when you reach the last chapter, after every line, you look away and say “I just can’t handle this. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” The Crown of Embers is one of those books.

Elisa grew up so much in The Girl of Fire and Thorns, that I wasn’t sure there would be any room left for her to grow. I was so wrong. She still doesn’t have the strength she needs to rule a country. She’s not that sure of her own power yet. Despite her best efforts, she’s able to be manipulated and the glory of her victory in war is starting to fade. She’s not weak, however. She is willing to do whatever she needs to save her country and its people, and she’s definitely not stupid about how she fights her battles.

The romance in this one had me feelings like a giant puddle of goo. Her love with Humberto was sweet, and it’s a love she’ll never forget. First loves are like that. I’ll even admit to spending the first couple chapters just wishing Humberto would make a surprise appearance. But then, something wonderful happened and now I’m even more in love with Elisa’s romance. It’s built upon trust and respect and it’s so, so, so amazing.

Once again, Carson is able to build Elisa’s wonder fantastically. Every location is beautifully described, jumping off the page and coming to life.

The Crown of Embers is one of my favorite books of the year. It’s filled with everything I love and nothing I don’t. Carson writes the story I didn’t even realize I wanted and she does it so perfectly that there really isn’t anything I can say against it. The Crown of Embers is a book that deserves to be read and I really can’t wait for The Bitter Kingdom.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I was a little worried when I started this book because I had high hopes for it and I was worried it wouldn’t live up to them. The religious aspect of this book had me a little worried, too. All of my concerns were unfounded, though, and I loved this book.

Some people might be a little bothered by Elisa’s personality and I can see why. However, she was born a princess. She never really had to do things for herself; people were always there to do them for her. She didn’t know how to be brave because she never had a reason to be brave. As the novel goes along, she gains confidence in herself and finds the courage to do what must be done, even in the face of danger. She starts thinking and planning and behaving less like a princess and more like a warrior. I’m incredibly excited to see how Carson continues this in the next book.

In regards to the religious aspect of the book, I felt it was handled amazingly. Elisa was chosen by God to do some service for the world. She doesn’t know anything about what she might have to do, or why she was chosen. She considers it more a burden than a gift, simply because it puts so much pressure on her and she doesn’t have a clue what to do about it. Even as she learns more about what being chosen means, she still feels this pressure. People expect her to do something, but no one knows what or when or how, and yet she’s expected to do this miraculous thing.

Each country thinks they are doing the right thing, the thing God wants, and yet none realize that it says in their books that they do not know God’s real will. They are all doing things in the name of God, interpreting the written word in a way that benefits them. This was done in a way that was subtle and not preachy, and it really gets a lesson across. This may have been my favorite thing about how Carson wrote this novel.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns was a fantastic novel that drew me in right away. It’s fast paced, and has enough romance and action to keep everyone intrigued. It’s definitely worth a read and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next part of this series.